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Data Protection Policy

Zosnow takes the privacy of your personal details and data very seriously. The data protection policy is to explain how and why we collect the data and how we use it. Your continuous use of the website denotes that you accept and agree to the data protection policy. Zosnow has the right to change the policies at any point of time. We update the page whenever we make any change the policy. If you don’t accept the policy and have any issue in sharing your personal details, you can leave the website immediately. In case of any query, you can write us anytime.

Collection and usage of Data

You don’t need to share any personal details to use or visit the website. Initially, we store only non-personal details such as your details of your browser, visiting page and name of requested file. We collect this information just to improve the level of our services

We collect personal details only when the visitors provide the details while placing the order or getting registered. The information is used to contact with the customers and process the order. When you provide an email and your name for the newsletter, your details are used to send the newsletter. In case, you don’t want to accept the newsletter, you can click on unsubscribe.

Zosnow Printing has reserved the right to keep the data electronically. We store the data under and according to the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. We store the data for record the track and demonstrate to the HMRC. 

When the customers create an account with us, all the data, including name, address, and contact number, etc., along with user name and password is stored in our database. We never share these details with anyone.

Personal information

We share the information of the clients to the courier company to deliver your product to your address. Address, contact number, name and email address are shared with the courier service provider. Your payment information is forwarded to the bank with the payment with respect for payment settlement.  This information is not shared with any third party.

Use of Cookies

When you access our website and its pages, cookies collect some information. Cookies are small text files that remain in the system. These files are used to facilitate you use certain applications such as inquiry forms, shopping cart and more. Most browsers automatically accept cookies. If you want, you can make some changes in the browser setting and disallow cookies.  However, you may not be able to access some pages, features and functions of the website. The cookies do not store any personal information such as name, address, and others. Basically, cookies are used to provide a better experience to the users. Cookies help a web browser to be recognized.


Zosnow is responsible to protect the website against demolition, unlawful access, alteration or allocation by any illegal person through technical and administration methods. Also, we are responsible for the safety of the accounts created by our customers. The accounts are password protected. It is advised to keep the password details confidential to avoid any misuse of your data and account. Delete the history, especially if you are using a shared computer. To recognise your computer, we can use web bugs. It is not associated to any personal details of the users. If you have any issue, you can deactivate the web bugs using some online tools.

Alteration to your details

Zosnow is liable to keep the details of our clients in an accurate manner. If you would like to re-evaluate and change any of your details, you can contact us anytime. The customers have a right to collect the information without paying anything from the data store. You can make necessary changes in the stored details or delete them whenever you want. 

Take out of Approval

When customers place the order, they grant some consent to us. They have a right to take out your consent at any time.  Zosnow send new offers, deals and details of new products and services to the clients through email. If you don’t want to receive any email from us, you can inform us. We assure you that your email address is not shared with any other company. If you would like to get the services in the future, you can take out the consent anytime. You can simply unsubscribe the newsletter when you don’t wish to get the emails from Zosnow.


When the customers select invoice to pay us, we have a right to perform a credit check and are allowed to share personal details with the credit card agency to access the customer’s credit and acquiring and processing information. We take care of your interests and legal provisions.

To allow you to get the products before payment, we make sure that this facility will not be used wrongly. To handle such cases, we work with the credit risk warning system of the credit reference firm. We make sure defence against defaults in payment due to incapacity to pay, against maltreatment.

 To get a credit check from the credit reference firm, we share your personal contact details. You have a right to withdraw the consent of the details to be shared with the credit reference firm anytime. When payment methods are restricted to advance or online payment, you are not able to get the products before making the payment.

Zosnow has a right to share personal details about payment conduct to get the details about your financial associations with others. We do it under the legal provisions to protect the legal interests of the company while taking care of your legal rights and concerns.

We have the right to share your details with the credit reference agency to claim the payment when you don’t pay till the due date. We offer sufficient notice and written warnings about the due payment to the clients before we contact the credit reference company.