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 To make your final product perfect, we need accurate artwork in the appropriate format. Please read our guide below to understand what you share with us. Kindly take care of every aspect and make sure that the artwork is 100% correct.

Select a Right File format

We request the clients to send the artwork in print ready format. You can share the artwork in PDF files, EPS file, TIFF and JPEG format, etc. We recommend PDF format as it keeps the content in nice format. If you are using JPEG or TIFF, make sure the quality is the best. The clients can also supply the artwork in word document or publisher file that can be print ready after some changes and adjustments.

If you provide the artwork in a special format, we need to convert it in an appropriate format that can lead some to some minor colour variations and we will not be responsible for that. When the artwork is not in good quality, we ask the clients to change the artwork. Make sure you send the artwork in the correct way to avoid any delay. We cannot use Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher or any other kind of formats for printing.

High Resolution is Mandatory

All the artwork together with images must be in high resolution (min 300dpi). Poor or low quality resolution may lead to blurry, bitmapped or pixelated print. We inform the clients if we receive any artwork with low resolution. To avoid any delay or hassle, take care of the resolution.

Colours & Font

Colours should be set as CMYK not RGB. CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) is suggested for the elegant colour replication. When we receive the artwork in RGB or any other format, we convert into CMYK format that may lead to colour variation.

You need to select the font when you send the artwork. If you don’t specify the font, the system will automatically select any random font and it may result in unwanted printed outcome.


Bleed is something that goes a bit extra on the edges of the printed product. We print and chop it for you. Having a bleed ensures that your final products do not have boring white borders. 3mm is the ideal bleed requirements to ensure correct printing results.

We perform a basic artwork check to make sure that everything is fine, which is free of cost. But, if you would like to inspect the artwork thoroughly and make corrections, we offer ‘standard artwork check’ that is chargeable.