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Terms and conditions of use

General Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Zosnow Printing Services. This page is to inform you (clients/users) about our legal terms and conditions. It is requested to review the following terms & conditions that govern your use of our site and our products/services. Please note that your use of the site and products comprises your accord to follow and accept the terms and conditions. It is requested to read this page before ordering any product or requesting any service.

The terms & conditions will be applicable to all the agreements between you (clients/users) and us (Zosnow Printing Services) to the sale of our products and services. It does not include any term that a customer wants to impose or anything entailed by trade or custom, etc. In case of any variation in between any mail, or document, etc. offered by us and these T&C, the conditions of these terms shall prevail.  

The customers can save the copy of terms for the future use. Zosnow Printing has the rights to make changes in the T&C anytime. Therefore, the customers who are willing to place the order should check this page.

How the contract is created between Zosnow and Customer?

Before placing an order, the customers need to get registered with us. Once you get registered with us, the customers can check and revise the changes in order before placing the order. It is advised to take time to read and check all orders at each phase of the order procedure.

At the time of placing an order, you will get a confirmation message from us with some details of the order. However, the request of the UN Sales conference on the International Deal of Goods shall not be appropriate to the agreement.

The contract between us and the customers will be concluded once the artwork is provided by the customers. We will send a confirmation about it through email within 5 days after getting the artwork.

Eligibility to be a Customer

A customer can place the order only if he/she is above 18 years and has all the legal rights with respect to any products that are defective or not as portrayed. Customers can get suggestions about their legal rights from reliable sources.

If a customer is buying our products and services as a business, he/she needs to verify the authority to tie any business on whose behalf it makes use of the website.

Content supplies for the products

We (Zosnow) carry out and complete the orders on the basis of details offered by the customers. We call it ‘artwork’. Customers are supposed to provide us artwork carefully and as quick as possible in the asked format. It is requested to check the artwork carefully before submitting it to us. We are not responsible for any error or fault in the artwork provided by you.

If a customer asks us to review the artwork, we can for ‘Superior Artwork Check’, but it is chargeable. Where we have produced a proof for Customer pursuant to performing a superior artwork check or evidence on the Artwork, Customer allows and accepts that such evidence is simply instructive of the final Product to be formed by us and we will have no accountability to customer for minor differences in the ultimate product from the proof offered.

When we find the artwork inaccurate or defective, we notify the customers and request for correcting artwork or ask the customers to edit the artwork to the necessary level to meet the terms of the format requirements. We wait for the customer’s feedback and go ahead as per his/her wish. Any extra cost that is the result of a fault in the artwork is charged by the customers.

When the customers have not submitted the artwork in an appropriate mode according to the format needs, Zosnow can convert the mode to match up the needs of the format. It is requested to provide the artwork in CMYK mode to avoid any unexpected changes in the colour or something. We will not be liable for any colour variation because of the conversion of the mode.

Zosnow reserves the right to reject the orders if the Artwork offered by the customers contains offensive, pornographic, fascist, drastic content or some other stuff which is obscene, offensive, or terrible.

Once the contract is created, customers shall be permitted to make changes to the order offered customers stay accountable for any additional costs acquired by us in making such alterations.

The Rights of cancellation and elimination

The right of cancellation for the delivery of numerous goods not pretend according to customer requirements and shipped in numerous batches.  

Cancellation policy

The clients can revoke this agreement within 14 days without giving any reason. The cancellation period shall be 14 days from the day you or a third party selected by you who is not the mover acquired ownership of the final goods.

To request a cancellation, you must let us know with a clear statement. You can send a letter through the post, drop an email or can fax us your decision about cancellation of the contract.

To monitor the cancellation period it shall be adequate for you to send the notice of the exercising of the right of cancellation before the revocation period runs out.

Penalty of Cancellation

When the client cancels the contract, we shall refund all the payment you made to us. The refundable amount includes delivery cost (with the exclusion of the extra costs come up from the verity that you selected a type of release other than the reasonable standard delivery offered by Zosnow). We make the refund within 14 days after accepting for your request for cancellation. We use the same means of payment you used to pay us. You don’t need to pay any bank charges to get the refund. We may hold back the refund until we have got the goods in reverse or until you have offered proof that you have sent the goods.

It is must to send the goods back without delay within 14 days after informing us about a cancellation. Zosnow will bear the costs of returning the goods. You shall compensate for any moderate cost of the goods only if this diminished cost is attributable to your management of the goods in any way other than what is essential to determine the quality and execution of these.

The right of cancellation does not apply for the release of goods that have been formed according to the specifications of the customers. The right of cancellation the contract is not existed for distance sales agreements for the delivery of goods that are not made up and the construction of which is concluded with an individual selection or verdict of the consumer or which are obviously customized to the special requests of the customer.

When the product is designed according to the specification of the customers, no cancellation request will be entertained.


Appropriate laws call for some of the information, the client should send that in permanent structure and for this reason, Zosnow shall verify such details to Customer by email, which Customer acknowledges is a permanent form of contact.

When a client gets registered to use the website, he/she needs to provide a legal and active email address for communication. The clients need to make sure that the spam filters allow the reception by customer of e-mail sent by us.

Customers agree that the email address will be stored by us and used to communicate with the customer until cancelled or changed by the customer.

Any notice sent by Zosnow to the customers of vice versa is received instantly when posted on the site, within 24 hours when sent an email and after three days when a letter is sent.

Cost of the Products and Shipment Cost

The cost of products is quoted on our site. The charges of services and product charges may change infrequently, but we don’t change the cost after receiving a product request. The price of the products contains packaging and shipment cost.

We make every effort to maintain the accuracy in the prices of the products. However, there can be a possibility of error in the prices as a good number of products are there. If we find any difference in the actual price and cost posted on the website after getting an order request, we update the customers and allow the customers to continue or cancel the order. We will not process any order until we got instruction from clients. If we are not able to contact the customer through contact details shared by him/her, we will consider the order cancelled. We are not liable to give a product at lower prices in case of any pricing mistake.

The customer need to pay extra for any consequent alterations asked by the Customer, including if this application leads to in machine downtime or added construction costs in the case of an inclusive or fractional cancellation. If a customer asks for frequent samples due to a minor difference from the model, the clients need to pay extra.

If a customer gets a quote from us through an email or website, it does not involve an offer by us and shall only be applicable for 14 days from its date of notification. All quotes are subject to the clause that the order particulars underlying the quotes at the time of notification stay untouched, and Artwork are received within 7 days of requesting for a product.


The price includes the VAT according to the existing VAT laws in the UK. If the customers pay the full amount in advance, we will not charge anything extra even after any variation in the VAT charges. But, if the client does not make in full and the rate of VAT changes after placing the order and the date of delivery, we adjust the VAT in the remaining payment.

If you think that any product is free from Vat charges, let us know in writing with reason. We will look into that and refund the difference if the claim is approved. It is mandatory to provide a valid the VAT registration number while placing the order. We are allowed to preserve such details and apply VAT registration number to any successive orders until we are advised by customer in writing about the validity of VAT registration number.


Zosnow provides the convenience of the payment to the customers. The customers may pay while placing the order using any debit, credit card or online bank transfer. We accept the payment through PAYPAL or Sofort Banking. We will not process the work until we will get the payment in full. We don’t accept any other payment method.

Zosnow issue a particular statement for each Product ordered by Customer. If the customers don’t pay before the due date, we may charge interest.

When an order is placed by a customer, we may charge about 3% interest on the unpaid amount. When an order is placed by a business, interest may be charged at the rate of 8% on the unpaid amount.

Interest shall build-up every day from the due date until the date of actual payment of the unpaid sum before or after judgment. Customer must pay the interest with the unsettled amount.

If you make the payment mistakenly, it is your responsibility to inform us and make a request for refund that amount. When we receive the payment along with your request, we will refund the money. Please note some additional charges may be deducted from the refundable amount.

We make sure that the payment methods are not misused before providing you with services earlier to payment. We ensure fortification against defaults in payment due to failure of payment, against mistreatment on rejection to pay by the customer or a third party.

To obtain a credit check from the agency, we provide complete personal and address details to the credit reference agency. You can informally take out approval for your details to be shared with the agency at any point. In such case, you need to make advance payment and e-payment and you are not able to get services before the payment.

We share contact details and information about your payment behaviour and obtain some details about your contractual relations with others that build up during our contractual dealings with you from the credit agency. We share only legally permitted details only for protecting the lawful interests of our company keeping in mind your concerns about the termination of exposure.

We are legally able to contact to your credit reference agency with your details in case of late payment. In case of late payment, we send the notification email twice. After that we send a notice before contacting to the agency. The regulations do not entail an individual assessment in reflection of your interests to be performed earlier to reporting to the credit reference agency and the practice is now automatic to a much superior level. The customers have a right to information from us.

Delivery and Production

The delivery time may vary according to the production time and shipment. We make every effort to deliver the products as quickly as possible after completing the order. Zosnow will suggest customers of the estimated date when the fabrication process is done. However, the customers acknowledge that time is not of the core proportionate to any approximate dates given by us.

To avoid any doubt, we do not start the work until we get the complete payment and artwork from the clients. We start the production after primary and standard artwork check and after getting the approval of the clients.

Deliver will be done when Zosnow deliver the products at client’s given address or client’s selected carrier. If the customer or nominate person is not there to accept the payment, the product is returned to Zosnow and the client needs to make a request to prearrange the delivery. We are allowed to charge extra when the clients ask to rearrange the delivery of the products.

Delivery of the products is carried out only during the business days and hours. The delivery of catalogues happens to throwaway pallets. In this case, consignment tracking is not achievable.

We may deliver the products in multiple consignments and we send an invoice for each consignment independently. Each instalment shall compose an individual instalment. In case of any delay in delivery and fault in the instalment, the customers are not entitled to any cancel other consignments.

The customer agrees that it shall clear out all transportation packaging unless settled between the parties in writing.

Customers are not entitled to return the transportation packaging except if the packaging is returned instantly following to delivery of the products and if the packaging is clean, free of wreckage and sorted as per the kind of packaging.

If we have delivered about 10% amount of products request by the customers, the customer is not entitled to reject the products. However, we will entertain the request of adjustment if the any wrong product has delivered to the clients.

We are not liable for any delay in delivery when it is the result of uncontrollable events or when the customers do not provide sufficient delivery instructions that are associated with the supply of the products.

Strikes, lockouts, industrial action or courier or any third party, riot, assault, terrorist attack, fire, flood, earthquake or any other natural disasters are some uncontrollable events. We are also not answerable for any issue with railways, shipping, motor transport or other means of transportation.

In case of such events, we inform the clients as early as possible. Our obligations under a contract will be postponed and the time for performance of its compulsions will be pulled out for the extent of uncontrollable events. If any uncontrollable event extends for more than four weeks, customers can cancel the contract.


If any product is arrived in damaged condition or different than prescribed, the customer needs to inform us without any delay and no later within 7 days of deliver of the products. In case of any fault in the product, the customers can return the products. We will make the modification if possible or refund the money.

If the returned product is not damaged or defective, exactly as prescribed and based on the client’s artwork, the product will be sent back to the customers with a claim to courier charges. In such cases, any request of refund will not be entertained.

Small colour variations are not considered as fault. There can be some difference in the digital proof, colour proof and the end product. A certain orientation of the paper cannot be assured. Some inevitable minor differences in cutting and folding tolerance may take place because of machinery. We will not entertain any reprint request in such case.

The details of the printing process are not necessary and we do not guarantee to follow any certain printing process.

Legal responsibility

When we fail to meet the terms, we are responsible for any loss or damage suffered by a customer that is a predictable consequence of Zosnow’s violation of the terms or inattention. Any damage will be predictable if they are observable result Zosnow’s violation or if they were considered by the customer and Zosnow at the time the agreement was entered into.

We are legally responsible for -

  • Death or personal injury caused by our carelessness;
  • Fraud or falsification;
  • Any violate of the terms implicated by the Sale of Goods Act 1979.
  • Defective products under the Consumer Protection Act 1987.

Zosnow is not liable to customers under no circumstances, whether in agreement, tort, and break of statutory duty or happening under or in association with the contract for -

  • Any effect on returns, sales and business      
  • Failure or fraud of data, information or software;
  • Loss of business opportunity
  • Loss of predictable savings
  • Damage in market goodwill
  • Any indirect or substantial loss

Zosnow does not give any demonstration, guarantee or responsibility in relation to the products. Any kind of illustration, form or service contract which might be inferred or integrated into these Terms by statute, general law or otherwise is expelled to the fullest level allowed by law. Above all, Zosnow will not be responsible for certifying that the products are appropriate for Customer’s use.

Communications between Zosnow and Client

The term in ‘writing’ is used for email. To cancel the contract, a customer needs to follow the cancellation policies. To contact us or send us any details or information in detail, the customers can contact us through email or post on the website. The customers can reach us through customer care number.

When we need to contact the customers, we will send an email or post the letter to the given address of the customer.


When customers do not wish to proceed with an order after superior artwork check is done, it is mandatory to inform us in written. Customers need to pay the additional cost for superior artwork check.

If the customers do not provide artwork within given time frame, Zosnow has the right to cancel the order.

Personal Data

We take good care of the personal data of the clients and use the details only to deliver the products, accept the payment and contact with the customers. We don’t share the personal details of the clients with anyone without prior information.


We do not archive product belongings to clients unless the clients agree on the contract and accept the payment terms as Zosnow shall in its individual caution conclude. It is a liability of customers to ensure such archived products.

Trademarks / Copyright

We are not liable for any claim, loss, damage, or expense takes place because of the use of materials offered by the customers to us as artwork.


We may transfer our civil liberties and responsibilities under an agreement to another organization, but it will not influence rights of the customers under the terms.

The customers may transfer the rights, but only when we agree in writing. However, if you have purchased any product as a gift for someone else, a customer may transfer the warranty with gift without our approval.

The contract is between us and the clients. No other person has the right to impose the terms. We have divided the terms in multiple sections, if the US law or court makes changes in the law or find any term prohibited, the remaining terms will remain in effect.